Hermes Institutional

Why Outsource?

One of the sad realities of the hedge fund and private equity industries is that it is never enough to just have a great fund. The alternative investment universe is constantly expanding and even though you may think that your fund is a star, it can soon develop into a black hole without new investment.

As placement agents, our job is to help develop your marketing strategy in order to maximise the potential of your fund for attracting external investment.

At Hermes we have significant experience at marketing funds and a global network of investors and distribution agents. Our approach will be hands on and will include, screening and filtering potential investors, assisting managers with their sales presentations, coordinating road shows and enhancing the appearance and content of marketing materials.

We act as interlocutor only with the best funds providing them with access to world class investors. Our transparent due diligence process is designed to ensure that not only is your fund ready to be marketed but that it is marketed to the right client for you.

Retail Funds

First tier banks have seemingly infinite resources to research funds, but a valid criticism is that they ultimately offer only limited fund choices to local banks and investment providers.

Hermes Institutional is not constrained by a proprietary product range; instead we have the freedom to provide our clients with low cost, high value solutions via global ‘best of breed fund’ managers and top tier banks.