Hermes Private

Hermes Private provides long term investment solutions to trustees, high net worth individuals and families within safe, structured environments designed to preserve and grow capital.

We are convinced that when private banks put client money into ordinary bank accounts they do themselves and their clients a total mis-service.

To us, our clients are our partners. We pride ourselves in giving a transparent and accountable service that is committed to preserving capital and passionate about profit.

However, before our clients even invest with us, we will create a protective infrastructure using bespoke foundations or qualifying pensions prepared by our independent trustees.

Unlike the private banks, we don’t just carelessly talk of having a world class team, but actually have one. From one of the worlds best bond experts to a wine expert who advises The Dorchester Hotel in London; from an internationally known Private Equity expert to one of America’s most successful real estate agents. All dedicated to providing our clients with a five star service.
At Hermes Private we build trust, make profits and create legacies all from a foundation of committed service.