Hermes Wealth Enterprise

King Solomon warned, “An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning will not be blessed at the end.” Heirs given money typically have a strong inclination toward spending the money on possessions, pleasure, or other purposes without lasting significance. Psychologists specialising in “sudden wealth syndrome” acknowledge that heirs, like lottery winners, tend to blow their windfall.

Managing money is a serious business. Maintaining and growing wealth for the benefit of generations yet to be born is a serious responsibility that requires focus and commitment.

Too often money made by the first generation has disappeared by the third, making the legacy of the wealth creator almost meaningless.

At Hermes Private, we believe that your wealth should be run as a business. It should be a family enterprise with a board made up of family members and qualified persons but controlled by you.

To create a wealth enterprise Hermes Private will help you :

– Establish a clear purpose for your wealth and manage it with a long-term strategy.

– Have a clear understanding of everyone’s collective role involved in managing their wealth.

– Obtain robust reporting capability that allows progress to be measured.

– Establish an effective decision-making process, with transparent governance structures in place.

– Continually evaluate each assets effectiveness within the portfolio and asset rebalance accordingly.